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Laugh now, think later. That's our motto. Why? Because life is just too darn short — and, in some cases, too darn long — to go without a regular infusion of "comic relief". Our goal at Junk TV is to make you laugh. If we also make you think, well, that's icing on the comedy cake.


The Menu displays the name of a contributing videomaker associated with the Junk TV website. Click on a menu link to see what videos each contributor has made. You can't watch these videos on the  Junk TV website. Each video "showcase" provides a link to The Real McCoy posted on one of Michael Casher's ten blogs at Blogger.com. You can find out more about these Junk TV videomakers at Science Fiction for Thinkers.com/Contributors.


A new feature, Guest Stars, was added in September 2012. Like all Junk TV videos, Guest Star videos cannot be watched here at Junk TV, where we give you the exclusive back story of each video, the original blog post links, and YouTube links, if available at YouTube. For the most authentic experience, watch Junk TV videos on the original blog site, in the original screen size. junktv.webnode.com is a personal website specifically dedicated to the outrageous, humorous and sometimes annoying videos that Michael Casher makes from time to time, in order to keep from running naked through his back yard and screaming, "Why me? Why me?"


These videos are not of an adult nature and are suitable for most people over 13 years old. Junk TV videos are unfit for television simply because they're not good enough for prime time, or for any other time. Which makes them, in our opinion, just right for the World Wide Web. Right now, there are 74 videos at Junk TV.


This Junk TV website is an entertainment satellite of Science Fiction for Thinkers.com, the official website of science fiction author Michael Casher.