Doppelganger Spacecast

Doppelganger Spacecast

We decided to put up a new link on the Junk TV website menu this year, due to the popularity of hacking and the Earthling fascination with "bad-boy bad asses" of all ages. An unknown agent posted this video on the Fred Fortune blog on February 1, 2012 and the credits at the end of this "spacecast" point a big finger at science fiction author and home video nut Michael Casher. But, when we asked Michael Casher who made this video, he blew cigar smoke in our faces and replied, "Your mama." Then he gave us a look that said, "Now, take a hike." So we did.


When we asked Fred Fortune if he made this video he replied, "Whattaya, whattaya think I'd take a big crap right on my own head??!! Who sent you? That Illuminati bunch? Huh? Now go away or...or would you like to see my head E-X-P-L-O-D-E !!!???" Well, we didn't want to see any such thing so we left the intergalactic homeless grifter to his own devices.


Finally, we asked Farnsworth M. Mudd if he made this video. Wow. We'd never seen a grown man have a "hissy fit" before but he did. He waved his arms all over the place and shouted and pouted and screamed like a girl. Just like a girl. So we decided to put a quiet lid on this deal and 86 the investigation altogether. We knew we just might have to accept the awful, terrible truth that maybe — just maybe — Fred Fiend really exists. Heaven help us all.


Then we put up the Persona Non Grata link on the Junk TV website menu and called it a day.


Watch this video on the Fred Fortune blog