11 — Fred's Nightclub Debut

11 — Fred's Nightclub Debut

Homeless grifter and intergalactic felon Fred Fortune gives his first solo stand-up comedy performance in "The Red Room", under the Martian capital of Cydonia. Without Red Mouthpiece and the publicity of the Fred & Red comedy team, does Fred Fortune stand a chance with the tough Martian Underground crowd? Watch and see.


If you didn't get the "I've been sick" punchline, that's OK. We'll explain it. The joke is a "hare-and-tortoise" treatment of an old joke from 1960 or thereabouts. Now, since the rabbit had never seen a turtle before, he's baffled by an animal with four legs that's so much slower than an animal, like him, who has only two legs. But the poor tortoise (which Fred calls a turtle) thinks the hare (which Fred calls a rabbit) is making a snide comment about the turtle's performance. The turtle's "I've been sick" excuse may or may not be true. That's not the point. The point is the humorous aspect surrounding a lack of knowledge about others, making assumptions about others, and being paranoid. No, we're pretty sure the rabbit didn't get the joke. Did you?


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