Like Tobacco for Chocolate

Like Tobacco for Chocolate

Most of you already know that SciFiFoFum is the main video-making personality of science fiction author Michael Casher. With that in mind, please trust us when we say that Michael Casher's 158th video is more about SciFiFoFum than it is about homeless con man and intergalactic felon Fred Fortune. How do we know that? We don't. But we strongly suspect that this is the case with this particular video.

We ran into the eccentric semi-retired video maker one day at the local dollar store after he burst through the front doors into the parking lot and asked us if we'd "seen his quarter". Apparently, he'd dropped a quarter in the parking lot while he was pulling a pocket tissue out of his navy blue fleece sweatpants. We hadn't seen his quarter but he didn't seem to believe us and he even demanded that one of us remove his boot from what he thought was his missing quarter but was, in fact, the foil seal from a Pepto Bismol bottle. Fearing that he might not be SciFiFoFum but a midwayer posing as the aging indie author and kooky video addict, we each gave him and quarter and he quickly disappeared back inside the dollar store. He soon emerged, clutching a 2-cigar foil pack in his right hand, swinging it to and fro and pumping it into the air like a demented drum major. "I got it! I got it!" he shouted over and over again as he skipped to his aging Daewoo Lanos and slid behind the wheel.

As he pulled out of the parking lot we swore we heard him singing along to a Slim Whitman recording of the song, "Marie". None of us even had the chance to ask him for details about the video "Like Tobacco for Chocolate" but we really didn't have to now. As sure as spring follows winter, we're secure in our belief that Michael Casher's 158th video was as pure and spontaneous as any whimsical lark could be when you've got two months of bitter, arctic cold and almost daily snow storms behind you and a sunny, 62-degree late winter afternoon staring you in the face. 


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