Farnsworth M. Mudd

Fred Fortune's Martian Underground Co-Conspirator

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Farnsworth M. Mudd

Day of the MIB

Farnsworth M. Mudd is the only Junk TV videomaker who is not directly associated with Science Fiction for Thinkers.com. This videomaker simply posted the first guest video ever on the Fred Fortune blog.  Day of the MIB is Farnsworth M. Mudd's personal abduction story. If you fall for this...

"Fred & Red" Do Cydonia

While Fred Fortune was on vaction, opportunist Farnsworth M. Mudd made a promotional video for the "Fred & Red" comedy team. When Fred gets back and the crap hits the fan, Cydonia won't be big enough for the both of them.   Watch this video on the Fred Fortune blog  

Fred Went Missing

Fred Fortune did not make this video. According to the video credits, Michael Casher owns the rights to it but he denied making it. When we asked him who made it, he audibly broke wind and replied, "Your mama." Well, we didn't hang around to press the issue. Knowing that Fred's...
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