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Michael Casher

Cam Cad

Science fiction author, literary author, semi-retired blogger and incurable homemade video maker, Michael Casher, posted a video expose of his video-making addiction on his Thinker's Corner blog on December 1, 2012. We heard the folks at Science Fiction for Thinkers.com told him not to post this...

Eyes Without A Face

Science fiction author Michael Casher is a clumsy home video nut who's been addicted to Windows Movie Maker since 2009. When he retired from blogging in June 2012 he made this video just for Junk TV. We're not going to ask him any questions about this video or his "retirement" from blogging or...

Hell Cast

An unidentified independent author claims to be in Hell.   Watch this video on the blog A Portrait of the Author as an Old Man  

Man on the Lam

Wanted by the celestials, the Grays, the Reptilians and the Illuminati, science fiction author Michael Casher is still "on the lam" after ten long years. OK, so, where is he now?   Those of us who know him haven't seen him in a coon's age and some of us even suspect foul play regarding his...

Corn Thievin' Punk

The eternal conflict between man and beast is not really a battle over food. It's a game about territory.      Watch this video on the Thinck Tank blog    

Invasion of the Quad Punks

The summertime ritual of quadra-wheeled pinhead punks from planet Earth is featured in this short mockumentary.   Watch this video on the Thinker's Corner blog  

The Chase

Michael Casher was never an archery hunter. He was barely a rifle hunter. But he's a big dreamer. Too bad most of his dreams quickly become nightmares. We think it's a good thing he dreamed it before he tried it.   Watch this video on the blog A Portrait of the Author as an Old...

Welcome to Science Fiction for Thinkers.com (2009)

From May 2009, science fiction author, Shmoo and part-time Pillsbury Doughboy Michael Casher welcomes you to his official website, from hisThinck Tank blog at Blogger.   Watch this video on the Thinck Tank blog  

The Happy Blogger

This was supposed to be Michael Casher's last Junk TV video but he can't seem to stay away from Windows Movie Maker. It makes people think that Michael Casher gave up writing books to make videos instead. That's how we look at it. If he's so busy making videos these days, when would he find the...

Moving Heads

Moving heads. This video is about moving heads. That's right, that's the concept. Heads that move. Don't ask. Hell, we don't know why and we don't care. And neither should you.   Watch this video on A Portrait of the Author as an Old Man    

A Fool For Fibs

No, this isn't a promo for a horror movie. So it's not. And we know for a fact that Michael Casher made this movie, himself, and not Little Green Man. Mr. Casher just posted it on the Little Green Man from Mars blog because more people read that blog than any other blog by Michael Casher. So they...

Big Bad Mike: 2013

Science Fiction author Michael Casher blabs on and on about his most recent book and about his next book. This video was made and posted by Michael Casher on the Little Green Man from Mars blog because more people read that blog than any of Michael Casher's other blogs. So they do. This video is...

Halloween CO2: Who's There?

Science fiction author Michael Casher gave up blogging in August 2013 and his farewell video for the "Thinck Tank" blog was definitely not a Junk TV-caliber video. But this one is. Apparently, Michael Casher can no longer endure the rigors of blogging but he's still addicted to Windows...

Ivan Redinsky: The Russians Are Coming!

Science fiction author Michael Casher stopped writing blog text posts on August 5, 2013 but he still "puts up" videos like people put up pickles for later. In this "watercolor cartoon" from February 17, 2014, the home video addict offers some satirical, geopolitical humor as a little...
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