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Fred Fortune

1 — Fred Fortune's Mars Broadcast #1

Homeless con man, interplanetary thief and intergalactic felon (so they say) Fred Fortune does his first videocast from Cydonia.   Watch this video on the Fred Fortune blog    

2 — Fred Fortune's Mars Broadcast #2

Fred Fortune's second videocast from Cydonia gets him in even more hot water with the Reptilians who run the Cydonia Concentration Camp.   Watch this video on the Fred Fortune blog  

3 — Fred Fortune's Mars Broadcast #3

The third attempt by Fred Fortune to broadcast his conspiracy theories from Mars is a real disaster. Just how bad is it? See for yourself.   Watch this video on the Fred Fortune blog  

4 — Fred Fortune Promo

Mars Homeless Underground spokesperson Fred Fortune offers a cool recap of his first three Martian broadcasts and pretends to offer a peek at his fourth broadcast. You may fall for his slick theatrical style but most of us know better.   Watch this video on the Fred Fortune blog  

5 — Fred Fortune's Mars Broadcast #4

Interplanetary thief and intergalactic felon Fred Fortune risks the whole ball of wax on a fourth videocast from Mars. Did this homeless grifter prove the existence of life on Mars? You be the judge.   Watch this video on the Fred Fortune blog    

6 — Fred Fortune's Mars Broadcast #5

We don't know what happened with this broadcast. Nobody seems to know what happened. And Fred's not talking about it. And we're not asking. We've got other fish to fry.   Watch this video on the Fred Fortune blog  

7 — Fred Fortune's Mars Broadcast #6

Fred Fortune is back in the swing of things, still trying to prove the existence of life on Mars. This time he has the help of his Mars Homeless pal, partner in intergalactic crime and sometimes nemesis, Farnsworth M. Mudd. Did Fred prove anything this time? Watch and see.   Watch...

8 — Fred Fortune's Mars Broadcast #7

Working alone (without Farnsworth) in an undisclosed location in the Martian Underground, fearless and foolish Fred Fortune makes what appears to be his final Mars Broadcast. Is it really his last attempt at proving the existence of life on Mars or is it just another hoax? What do we think,...

9 — Fred Fortune: "Nobody Listens"

We're not sure what the hell happened here or who the hell made this video or who the hell actually posted it on the Fred Fortune blog. What we do know is that it's a recap of Fred Fortune's Mars Broadcasts, with a twist. You got it. Fred's talking and nobody's listening. So, whoever made this...

10 — Fred Calls Home

Homeless conman and interplanetary thief Fred Fortune makes a long-distance phone call to Earth from the planet Mars, using a "roving wormhole". Instead of taking 21 minutes for his voice to reach Earth and vice-versa, the phone call is in real time. So, who does the former Mars Underground...

11 — Fred's Nightclub Debut

Homeless grifter and intergalactic felon Fred Fortune gives his first solo stand-up comedy performance in "The Red Room", under the Martian capital of Cydonia. Without Red Mouthpiece and the publicity of the Fred & Red comedy team, does Fred Fortune stand a chance with the tough Martian...

12 — Fred Fortune: Lost in Cyber Space

Is Fred Fortune really missing? Who cares? We do. You do. But not everybody cares and we know that. But, the few who do care make a lot of things possible that might not have ever been possible. Like this Fred Fortune page at Junk TV. So, thank you for your continued interest in Fred...

13 — Fred Gets The Call

Just when everybody thought that intergalactic grifter, Fred Fortune, was either dead or missing, he made a brief comeback on the Fred Fortune blog on November 21, 2012 in order to "make a statemet", he said. But he never got to make that statement. Instead, he kept making and...

14 — Fred Makes a Statement

Last time, you remember, Fred Fortune was trying to make a statement when he was interrupted by a phone call from the White House. Or was that just a prank call? We're not sure. This time, Fred Fortune gets the New Year off to a good start by trying to make that same statement again but something...

15 — Fred's Fifth Felony

Saturn Security Surveillance Video, your ass. Nobody on Saturn would make color film surveillance records and then let them age like old Ronco commericals from Earth's 1960s, let alone release them to Earth's World Wide Web. At any price. Or would they? At Junk TV we're undecided, so we added...

16 — Fred Fortune Does Off-Color Comedy

Intergalactic felon and homeless grifter Fred Fortune hasn't written a blog post since April 23, 2012 and he hasn't made a video since January 2013 when he tried to "make a statement" from somewhere out there. His blog has been under the control of person(s) unknown who've kept it "live" and...

17 — Fred Fortune Off Color

This is Fred Fortune's third "stand-up" comedy video. We put the word stand-up in quotes because Fred Fortune doesn't really stand up to tell jokes. He sits down. He's also legendary in "the Fourth Dimension" for being the worst "stand-up comic" in the history of stand-up comedy. We put the words...
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