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The Indie Shapeshifter

Most things in life are not what they appear to be, including people. That's why science fiction author Michael Casher shapeshifted between himself and his literary alter ego Jonco Bugos for years in order to blog about that and write fiction about it. That's the real story. The popular story,...

Michael Casher's Feed Wars

Knock, knock. Who's there? Michael Casher. Michael Casher who? You got it.   Watch this video on the Ticked Off Ted blog

The Illuminati Speaks

Just before he "fled", we asked science fiction author Michael Casher if we ought to add this video to Junk TV, since it has most of the earmarks of a Junk TV Video. Low-res picture, squarish screen, cheesy acting, and a familiar backdrop. He never answered us but he did start chasing us, out the...

Round Bob Moon Face

In September 2012 Round Bob Moon Face was offered his own "inspirational Web spot" on the Little Green Man from Mars blog.  Ol' Bobby Moon took to that deal like flies take to s**t. Bob Moon's a nice guy but he doesn't like people making fun of his round face. So, Little Green Man changed...

The Bobby Moon Show 2014

Same deal, different year. We wish ol' Bob Moon our best but that's not the reason you-know-who donned this cheesy cardboard mask in 2012 and 2014. Bobbby Moon's not real. Sady, however, he represents millions of people who are real and who are a lot like him. Dangerously optimistic. The...
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