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Ticked Off Ted

Welcome to Ticked Off Ted

Ticked Off Ted (Ted O'Hooey) is a fictitious character created by science fiction author Michael Casher in June 2011. All Ticked Off Ted does is piss and moan about stuff. In this video, Ted welcomes people to his website that was destroyed by agents of the Illuminati. His new digs are at...


Ticked Off Ted tries to recall a childhood memory about a summer vacation at Otter Lake in Quebec, Canada. But somewhere along the way he seems to lose control. Then, at the very end, he seems to get it back. Well, maybe not.   Watch this video on the Ticked Off Ted blog  


When ol' Ted read about NASA's plans to unveil a big, new, powerful rocket, he went ballistic and made another video unfit for television. That's the way we like them. Just how ticked off did Ticked Off Ted get? See for yourself.   Watch this video on the Ticked Off Ted blog  

The Time is WRight

Ticked Off Ted has a pal named Ronald W. Wright who agreed to be in one of Ted's videos even though "Ronnie" doesn't have a computer or know how to use one. The Time is WRight is the pormotional video for the real McCoy, coming later this fall. Is mean old Ted O'Hooey merely using Ronnie...

Ronnie WRight

Mean old redneck Ted O'Hooey posted his video interview of redneck pal Ronnie WRight a little earlier in October than he expected to. And that's because things didn't go exactly as planned.   Watch this video on the Ticked Off Ted blog  

Pissin' and Moanin' For You

Here's another mysterious video that just appeared one day out of the blue. This one appeared out of nowhere on the Ticked Off Ted blog, with the suspicious post date of November 11, 2011 at 11:11 AM. Yeah, ...right. And then it disappeared and reappeared on December 3, 2011. When we asked...

Ted On Fire

Take it from Ticked Off Ted, hot cigar ashes and Scotch whisky don't mix.   Now, we hope Ted O'Hooey had a better video than this in store for you when the fire started and we're hoping that he posted this video on his blog, anyway, as a public service announcement regarding fire...

Tic Tickedofferson

Now that Ronnie WRight is unlikely to show his face on Ticked Off Ted's blog again, cranky old bastard Ted O'Hooey conned his mouthy, cowboy-wannabe cousin, Tic Tickedofferson, into doing a "guest spot" on "his show."   We have no clue why Ted doesn't seem to want to be in his own...

Shit Mail

When Ted O'Hooey got a letter in the mail from a store about an LCD TV set he never bought, he blew his top. So, not wanting to waste a big-ass "mad on" like the one he got from this letter, Ticked Off Ted made another one of his pissin' and moanin' videos, just for you. Ted hopes this is his...

Ellis Wanderly: The Lost Video

Ellis Ian Wanderly was a high school classmate of Ted O'Hooey and he agreed to make this video only a week after Tic Tickedofferson had wrecked Ticked Off Ted's little "studio". Because of technical problems associated with "broken but still functional equipment", Ted wouldn't release this...

Sam Shithead

Cranky old bastard Ted O'Hooey may not be blogging anymore but Ticked Off Ted's "blog shows" are still quite popular at Junk TV. This particular show aired on September 10, 2012 with blog show guest Sam Shithead. There are no earth-shattering revelations on any of Ticked Off Ted's "blog shows"...


Who really made this video and why? Let's make a deal. If you don't ask, we won't tell.   Watch this video on the Ticked Off Ted blog  

Packaging Psucks

In his 13th video, cranky old poop Ticked Off Ted pisses and moans about product packaging. Most of us just eat the stupid packaging bullet and get on with our lives but not Ted O'Hooey (don't tell him we used his given name here). This silly, grainy, crude video is a sure sign that ol' Ted has...
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