Pissin' and Moanin' For You

Pissin' and Moanin' For You

Here's another mysterious video that just appeared one day out of the blue. This one appeared out of nowhere on the Ticked Off Ted blog, with the suspicious post date of November 11, 2011 at 11:11 AM. Yeah, ...right. And then it disappeared and reappeared on December 3, 2011. When we asked hothead blogger Ted O'Hooey who made this video he said, " Your mama," and then he blew cigar smoke in our faces to make us go away. Which we did.


When we emailed Michael Casher about his participation in this video, our email bounced back to us with the message, "You are not on this recipient's approved contact list." We even sent a letter by snail mail to the Illuminati headquarters in The Netherlands but it came back to us with postage due. We put more postage on it and sent it again. It came back to us again with a rubber-stamped message that said, "Moved Left No Forwarding Address." Just like that.


Then we managed to corner Ted O'Hooey down at the Lebenty Leben one day and we asked him point-blank why he allowed this video to remain on his blog if he didn't make it in the first place. He replied rather glibly that he "dug the kick-ass music". He said he plays the video over and over again when he does his housework. "Besides," he confided in us, "a cranky old bastard like me needs all the free advertising he can get." And then he blew more ciagr smoke in our faces. Then we left.


So, we dropped the whole thing like a bag of snakes that was about to bite us in the ass when we least expected it. We at Science Fiction for Thinkers.com know when to let a sleeping dog lie.


Watch this video on the Ticked Off Ted Blog